6.030504 Economics of enterprise

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Training field 6.030504 Economics of enterprise

 The qualification that is assigned

Bachelor’s degree with business Economics

Skill level

Bachelor (first cycle of higher education)

Special requirements for admission

No, enrolment is held on General terms of entry

Special regulations (conditions) on recognition of prior learning (formal, non-formal, informal)


The profile of the program:

Students gain the necessary knowledge and practical skills in the following areas: Economics of production and economic activity of the enterprise, planning and control of the enterprise, pricing, investment activity of the enterprise, economy of labour and socially-labour relations, analysis of projects, organization of production, the formation of enterprise strategy, enterprise development, organization of innovation activity of the enterprise.

The total volume of programme is 240 credits, including compulsory disciplines – 130 credits, discipline selection of the Institute – 45 credits, subjects of free choice of the student cluster 1 – 49 of credits, subjects of free choice of the student cluster 2 – 49 credits, practical training – 16 credits.

Key learning outcomes

Specialists in enterprise economy capable of performing organizational-administrative and information-analytical work in the following areas:

  • formation of economic strategy of the enterprise and the choice of rational forms of management;
  • organization of the economic mechanism of functioning of joint stock companies and economic companies;
  • improvement of the organizational structure of the enterprise, the development of core production, auxiliary and service units;
  • the rationale of economic efficiency of enterprises; the organization of the economic mechanism of the state enterprise;
  • organization and management of small businesses and farms in the private sector;
  • formation and use of incomes of enterprises of different types and forms of ownership;
  • formation of production assets of enterprises and analysis of efficiency of their use;
  • organization of work and efficient use of workplaces; the effectiveness of logistics, production and sales;
  • foreign economic activity of the enterprise;
  • development of the business plan of the enterprise activity;
  • information system of enterprise management.
  • occupational profiles of graduates with examples


The objects of activity of the bachelor of business Economics are types of work in the primary positions, on which he performs mostly stereotypical, partially diagnostic tasks on well-established algorithms, makes economic calculations, collects, organizes, accumulates initial information for performance of assigned to it official duties, and for the needs of the structural unit where he works.

Professional profile – assistant to the head of the company

Engaged in the study of system analysis of activity of the enterprise and the determination of its main objectives, assessment of conditions of activity of enterprise, analysis and assessment of production and sales, profitability, financial condition and solvency of the enterprise.

Access to further training

Bachelor on direction “Economics of enterprise” can continue studying in the second cycle of higher education (specialist 7.050107 “Economy of enterprises”, master 8.050107 “Economics of enterprise”) on a competitive basis.

Regulations on examinations, assessment and evaluation

Temporary regulation “On credit-modular system of educational process organization in Uman state pedagogical University named after Pavlo Tychyna”.

Requirements for release (completion of training) (educational institution):

Quality certification of the bachelor’s degree with business Economics in establishing actual compliance level of educational training to the requirements of the EQC is the State examination Commission in this specialty. Certification is carried out on the basis of the evaluation of the level of professional knowledge, abilities and skills of the graduates through the delivery of integrated state exam in the specialty and protection of final work of bachelor.

Form of training

full, part-time

Program Director

Olexander Petrovych Kirdan, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor (Docent), the Dean of The department of economy and socio-behavioral sciences

Structural-logical scheme for the bachelor`s degree training course 6.030504 Economics of enterprise

Description of individual course units

ОНД.01 Ukrainian language for professional purposes
ОНД.02 Physical-Education
ОНД.03 History and Culture of Ukraine
ОНД.04 English
ОНД.05 Philosophy
ОНД.06 Politological and social sciences
ОНД.07 Ukrainoznavstvo
ОНД.08 Fundamentals of Occupational Health and Safety
ОНД.09 IC technology in the field
ОНД.10 Economics
ОНД.11 Microeconomics
ОНД.12 Macroeconomics
ОНД.13 History of Economics and Economic Thought
ОНД.14 Higher mathematics
ОНД.15 Theory Probability and Mathematical Statistics
ОНД.16 Optimization Methods and Models
ОНД.17 Econometrics
ОНД.18 Fundamentals of automation in the industry:
Computer Science
Automation in a branch (1 level)
ОНД.19 Finances
ОНД.20 Management
ОНД.21 Business Economics
ОНД.22 Money and credit
ОНД.23 Accounting
ОНД.24 Marketing
ОНД.25 Labor economics and labor relations
ОНД.26 International Economics
ОНД.27 Statistics
ОНД.28 Regional Economics
ДВФ.01 Life-Security
ДВФ.02 Managing costs
ДВФ.03 The strategy of the company
ДВФ.04 Economics and organization of innovation activity
ДВФ.05 Planning and control of the enterprise
ДВФ.06 Justification business decisions and risk assessment
ДВФ.07 Organization of production
ДВФ.08 Investment
ДВФ.09 Science of law
ДВФ.10 Economic ethics and business etiquette
ДВФ.11 Automation of economic processes (1C Accounting) Level 2