8.18010018 Administrative Management

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Speciality 8.18010018 Administrative Management

Given Qualification

Manager (director) for administrative activities

Level of qualification

Master’s degree (higher level of university education)

Special Requirements as for entering

Not found. The entrance is held on general conditions

Special positions (conditions) about the acknowledgement of former education

(formal, informal, unofficial)

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Program profile

The main goal of the Master’s Degree program “Administrative Management” is the preparation of managers of higher level who are capable to make scientifically based and practically reasonable decisions directed to the effective development of state and private institutions.

One of the main aims of the course study “Administrative Management” is providing the formation of knowledge and practical skills for the effective management on all levels of the organization of social work, providing the innovative character of the operation of institutions and enterprises of social and working spheres of the society.

General term of the curriculum is – 90 ECTS credits, including compulsory courses – 34 credits, courses of institution’s choice – 19 credits, courses of free student choice – cluster 1 – 25 credits, , courses of free student choice – cluster 2 – 25 credits, practical preparation – 12 credits.

During the study students have practice at leading enterprises and institutions where they get professional skills with:

  • Organization and management of structural units of bodies of public and municipal administration;
  • Antirecessionary management enterprises;
  • Management of regional development;
  • Management of social and psychological relationship in the community;
  • Formation of plans of social and economic development of the territories;
  • Management of relations with community (public relations).

Specialist of Administrative Management can occupy following posts:

  • Manager of the departments of state institutions and offices;
  • Adviser, assessor;
  • Manager of administrative services of enterprises;
  • Manager of press service (central state jurisdictions);
  • Director of central board of administration (local state administration);
  • Manager of regional development;
  • Manager of trade business and management;
  • Manager of foreign economic activity;
  • Manager of staff

The access to further education

Master’s Degree “Administrative Manager” can get postgraduate study on competitive basis.

Statute about exams, assessment and estimation

Temporal statue ‘About Credit-Module System of organization of educational process at Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University’.

Demands for graduation

Certification of the quality of the preparation of Master of Finance is realized by State Examining Board of this speciality. Certification is realized under the estimation of the level of the professional knowledge, skills and abilities of the graduates who write master’s theses.

Form of Study:

Full time and part time study

Director of the program

Olga Grygorivna Chyrva – C.E.S., senior lecturer, Head of the Department of Marketing and Business Management.

Structural-logic circuit training seekers of higher education specialty 8.18010018 «Administrative Management»

ОНД.01 Academic-rhetoric
ОНД.02  Civil protection and labor protection in brunch
ОНД.03 Business foreign language
ОНД.04 Organization theory
ОНД.05 Management organization
ОНД.06 Human resource management
ОНД.07 Machinery administrative activities
ОНД.08 Management
ОНД.09 Financial management
ОНД.10 Personnel management
ОНД.11 Operational management
ОНД.12 Managerial accounting
ДВФ.01 Information systems in management
ДВФ.02 Economy
ДВФ.03 IT management relations
ДВФ.04 Audit and assessment of management activities