6.140103 Tourism

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The training course 6.140103 Tourism

Qualification awarded:

Bachelor of Tourism

Level of qualification:

Bachelor (the first cycle of higher education)

Special requirements for admissions:

None, admittance is conducted on the general admittance conditions

Special provisions for the recognition of prior learning (formal, informal, unofficial)


Programme profile:

Students acquire the necessary knowledge and practical skills in the following areas: problems of market economy, social, national, historical and demographic processes of society, particularly the state tourism policy of Ukraine and other states, organization, economics, analysis, marketing, management, tourism, special attention is paid to foreign language acquisition for general and professional communication.

The General amount of the Curriculum is 240 ECTS credits, including the of disciplines compulsory training – 110 credits, the disciplines selected by the faculty –55 credits; the disciplines of free choice for a student – 60 credits, the disciplines of practical training – 15 credits.

Key learning outcomes

Specialists in tourism are able to perform organizational and managerial, operational and analytical work in the following areas:

– the analysis of tourism infrastructure and tourism services;

– the organization of tourism, using tourism resources of Ukraine and other countries;

– the conduct of market research in tourism, tourism product development, pricing, advertising activities of the tourist product;

– the provision of insurance services in the field of tourism;

– the conduct of inspection tours;

– the compilation of statistical and management reports, organization of office work at the working place and in the organization.

Professional profiles of graduates with examples

Bachelor of Tourism assigned to perform professional executive activities at tourism businesses, travel agencies, resort complexes, in the state administration, the executive committee/city council.

Bachelor is qualified to perform:

– tourism consulting;

– analysis of tourism activities;

– in support activities in the field of tourism management;

– at tourism enterprises;

– at resort complexes;

– at travel agencies;

– at the hotels;

– at public organizations;

– at educational institutions;

– in the central organs of executive power, local self-government.

 Access to further education:

A Bachelor of the field 6.140103 “Tourism” is eligible to procede to the second cycle of higher education (degree – Specialist 7.14010301 “Tourism Study” ) on a competitive basis.

Regulations about final exams, assessment and marks/grades:

Regulations on the organization of educational process at Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University

 Graduation requirements:

Attestation of the quality training of the Bachelor of the field Tourism for the establishment of actual compliance of the educational training level to the requirements of EQC is conducted by the State Examining Board in the certain specialty. Attestation is based on the assessment of professional knowledge and skills of graduates by conducting a State exam in the specialty; comprehensive state exam in the specialty.

Form of training:

Full-time, part-time form.

The Director of the programme:

Stoyka Vitalij Oleksandrovich, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor , Head of the department of Technologies and organization of tourism and hotel and restaurant business.

Structural-logical scheme for the bachelor`s degree training course 6.140103 Tourism

Description of individual course units

ОНД.01 History and Culture of Ukraine
ОНД.02 Ukrainian language for professional purposes
ОНД.03 Ukrainoznavstvo
ОНД.04 Philosophy
ОНД.05 Politological and social sciences
ОНД.06 English
ОНД.07 IC technology in the field
ОНД.08 Fundamentals of Occupational Health and Safety
ОНД.09 Physical-Education
ОНД.10 Вища та прикладна математика
ОНД.11 Основи наукових досліджень
ОНД.12 Психологія
ОНД.13 Екологія
ОНД.14 Computer Science
ОНД.15 Economics
ОНД.16 Економіка підприємства
ОНД.17 Правознавство
ОНД.18 Маркетинг
ОНД.19 Marketing in tourism
ОНД.20 Management in tourism
ОНД.21 Комунікативний менеджмент
ОНД.22 Менеджмент організацій
ОНД.23 Foundations turyzmozmavstvo
ОНД.24 Рекреаційні комплекси світу
ОНД.25 Географія туризму
ОНД.26 Туристичне країнознавство
ОНД.27 Туристичне краєзнавство
ОНД.28 Нistory of world tourism
ОНД.29 Management a tourist enterprise
ДВФ.01 Світовий туризм і готельне господарство
ДВФ.02 Організація туристичних подорожей
ДВФ.03 Організація екскурсійної діяльності
ДВФ.04 Організація анімаційної діяльності
ДВФ.05 Статистика в туризмі
ДВФ.06 Економіка туризму
ДВФ.07 Туроперейтинг
ДВФ.08 Організація ресторанного господарства
ДВФ.09 Організація готельного господарства
ДВФ.10 Методика розробки турів
ДВФ.11 Організація спортивного і оздоровчого туризму
ДВФ.12 Організація транспортних послуг
ДВФ.13 Інформаційні системи і технології в туристичній індустрії
ДВФ.14 Планування і організація туристичного бізнесу
ДВФ.15 Бухгалтерський облік в туризмі
ДВФ.16 Автоматизація економічних процесів