General information

  • Дата оновлення: 09.10.2015

There is only one investment that is beneficial at any time –

an investment in knowledge!

Educational-scientific Institute of economics and business education is a modern educational and scientific center with a branched structure and a flexible system of organization of educational process, which has 4 departments:

  • Finance, accounting and economic security;
  • Economy and socio-behavioral sciences;
  • Marketing and business management;
  • Technology and organization of tourism, hotel and restaurant business.

Institute of Economics and business education prepares highly qualified specialists for the following areas: personnel management and labour Economics; Finance and credit; accounting and audit; Economics of enterprise; marketing; tourism; hotel and restaurant business. The institute prepares masters for the following specialties: business administration; management of financial and economic security; Economics of enterprise; administrative management; Finance and credit. There is a system of professional training for individuals who already hold a higher education degree in Economics of enterprises; Finance and credit; marketing.

The Institute enrolls over 1000 students from Ukraine, China, Uzbekistan, Russia, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Ghana, Turkmenistan, Israel, Armenia and other countries. The number of students of this Department is increasing every year.

In addition, the Institute provides its students with a unique opportunity to complete international internships. Only this year the opportunity to take paid practice in enterprises Turkey, Germany, Greece, Poland has used more than 50 students of training areas “Tourism”, “Hotel and restaurant business” “Marketing”.

 The successful work of the Institute is guaranteed by high professional and scientific level of the faculty, in particular, among 60 teachers of the Institute here there are 3 doctors of Sciences, professors and 39 associate professors.

Students under the guidance of teachers actively involved in research work, to deliver scientific presentations at international, national scientific conferences, round tables on a wide range of problems. Scientific publications of teaching staff and students are published in scientific journals.

With the aim of mastering by the students the basics of entrepreneurial activity and formation of their skills of the organizers, heads the Institute is successfully operating an innovative business incubator. As a result, our students annually take prizes with their projects at the city, regional and all-Ukrainian competitions of business plans. Actively carry out diverse educational activities, organized leisure activities of the Council of student government. Student government organizes a variety of cultural events: trips, excursions, sports competitions. Thus, the joint hard work of students and teachers of Institute of Economics and business education allows to form active, creative person and professional who has the ability to find a job both in Ukraine and abroad.