Getting a Double Degree

  • Дата оновлення: 04.11.2013

A double degree program for students of the Department of Economics at PavloTychynaUmanStatePedagogicalUniversity offers learning opportunities at the High School of Hospitality Management in Legnica (Poland). Consequently, undergraduate students and university staff receive the European Diploma in “Management”.

Studying takes place in the branch of the educational institution in Jelenia Gora. Moreover, the geographical location of the city encourages students to visit Krakow, Prague, Dresden and Saxon Switzerland.

Classes for the members of the intensive course are conducted by famous Polish scientists, such as: Prof. Dr. habil. Leszek  Moczulski , former Minister of Education Prof. Dr. habil. Henryk Bernadski , principle of Legnica State Higher School of Vocational Education Prof. Dr. habil. Stanislav Dombrovski, Prof., Dr. habil. Basili  Nazaruk , Prof. Dr. habil. , engineer Zbigniev Malarya and former justice minister Andzhei Chuma and others.

Such kind of  programs expand the range of educational disciplines, allow to get, apart from the Ukrainian Diploma, the European one, which gives young people more opportunities to enter modern dynamic labor market successfully.