Students leisure activities organization

  • Дата оновлення: 15.11.2013

A circle “Feyeria”

The objectives of the circle:
– Promoting involvement of students in work and social activities in their free time;
– Organizing amateur activities among students;
– Preparation and participation in festivals, concerts and competitions
– Cultural personal development;
Our circle is working in the following areas:
– Singing;
– Choreography;
– Playing on musical instruments;
– Watching movies.

Information sector of the Department of Economics invites students to cooperate

The purpose of the information sector is an independent support of the department in the space of information.
– Newspaper “Econom Info”;
– Participation in the publication of the newspaper “Novachok”;
– Organization of events promoted by the Department of Economics;
– Maintenance of the web-pages.
We invite creative students of 105 courses that have promising ideas in the sphere of media, internet and television.

Students’ Club “Captain Kidd”

Department of Economics invites students to cooperate!
The purposes of the Club – unite and activate the students of the Department of Economics; self-realization and putting into practice students’ ideas; sharing leisure time and simplification of communication among students; improve authority and popularization of the department and university.
– Development and promotion of the practical implementation of promising inventions of students. For this purpose was made a cooperation with scientific and educational institutions, organizations, agencies, and experts on culture, economics, information technology and others;
– Raising of spirituality and culture of students, increase social activity and responsibility for assigned work of students;
– Organization of cooperation with students from other universities and youth organizations;
– Participation in issues on international exchange students;
– Promoting of sociological researches among students.


Students’ Tourist Club “Merydian”

– Development of tourism among students;
– Promoting of healthy lifestyle;
– Formation and popularization of university’s image;
We achieve our aims through specific projects:
– Walking tours;
– Excursions;
– Expeditions;
– Creative evenings;
– Festivals;
– Art expeditions;
– Meeting with interesting people;
– Volunteer projects;
– Charity events.
The organizer of the project can be anyone who has constructive ideas that fits the strategy of the Club and is able to work with people.


Research circle “Navigator”

The objectives of the circle are to promote the development of students in economics, provide information concerning management and business development, to develop the skills gained during training, improve knowledge by making business plans, to achieve significant results in working together.